Unveiling the Injustices Faced by Alienated Fathers in the Family Court System

Why are Parental Rights Frequently Violated in the Child Welfare System?
December 14, 2023 by
Unveiling the Injustices Faced by Alienated Fathers in the Family Court System

In the journey of Justice For Fathers, the goal has always been to construct an "All Inclusive Worldwide Community" that provides unwavering support for alienated fathers. Despite the individuality of our struggles, a common thread binds us — the intricate collaboration of Family Court, CPS, and various Alphabet Agencies systematically erodes our parental rights, often for their own gain. This article stems from an enlightening Youtube video shared by Lawrence Demarco, an Attorney associated with The Law Center, shedding light on the unchecked power wielded by social workers and family courts, leading to the unjust separation of children from fit parents.

The Must-Watch Video

Lawrence Demarco's recent share on the Justice For Fathers Facebook Group features a Youtube video titled "Why are Parental Rights Frequently Violated in the Child Welfare System?" The video, hosted on The Law Center's website, serves as a vital resource for the Father's Rights Community. Emphasizing the ethos of "Each One Teach One," the video exposes the pervasive issues within the child welfare system that unjustly violate parental rights without due process.

Unique Struggles, Unified Cause

Fathers grappling with parental alienation often feel isolated in their unique predicament. While maternal networks have flourished, fathers are only beginning to create a cohesive support system. Recognizing this disparity, Justice For Fathers becomes a beacon, offering a platform for shared experiences and collective action. The video underscores the urgency of building a robust community to counterbalance the existing maternal networks.

Systemic Flaws Exposed

The video dives into the heart of the matter, elucidating how the child welfare system frequently tramples on parental rights, creating a biased environment that unnecessarily removes children from their homes. It calls for a reevaluation of priorities, urging a delicate balance between children's safety and the fundamental rights of parents. The overarching message is clear — systemic reform is imperative.

Factual Foundation: Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D.

The backbone of this expose is Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D., and his book, "Taken Into Custody, the War Against Fathers, Marriage, and The Family." The written version of this article provides citations and references, ensuring factual accuracy. Readers are encouraged to explore Dr. Baskerville's extensive work, available through the affiliate link provided by Justice For Fathers.

A Message of Nuanced Support

Lawrence Demarco, also known as Larry, shares the video with admiration and respect for friends in the social work profession. While critiquing the system and advocating for reform, the focus remains on acknowledging the dedication of those working within the child welfare system. Larry DeMarco's nuanced perspective ensures that blame is not cast on individuals who, despite their worth, are often underappreciated.

The Law Center's Contribution

The Law Center, with its Family Court Custody Bootcamp, stands as a beacon of support for self-represented litigants in family court. This low-cost program aligns with the mission of Justice For Fathers, emphasizing empowerment for those navigating the legal system. The Law Center extends its support further through a free Ebook, providing valuable resources for informed self-representation.

Embracing Change: Advocacy and Coaching

To further support fathers, The Law Center provides coaching services through familylawcoaching.com. Additionally, the initiative is sponsored by the law firm of DeMarco & DeMarco, P.C., whose website offers deeper insights into their commitment to justice.

A Call for Collective Action

This article amplifies the call for change within the Family Court system. It highlights the importance of shared knowledge, collective action, and the formation of a robust support system for fathers. Through collaboration between organizations like Justice For Fathers and The Law Center, the hope is to instigate a more equitable system that upholds the rights of fit parents while ensuring the safety of children. The journey towards reform is ongoing, but with a united front, fathers can strive for a fair and just system that respects their vital role in the lives of their children.


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Unveiling the Injustices Faced by Alienated Fathers in the Family Court System
Administrator December 14, 2023
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