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Dax - "To Be A Man"
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What My Daddy Told Me...

In the poignant lyrics of "To Be A Man," artists Daniel Nwosu Jr. aka DAX delve into the unspoken struggles and societal expectations that accompany the journey of manhood. The song captures the essence of a narrative often hidden behind a stoic facade, providing a window into the complex emotions and challenges faced by men in today's world.

The opening lines set the stage for a candid exploration: "I can't hide myself, I don't expect you to understand, I just hope I can explain what it's like to be a man." These words encapsulate the internal conflict that many men grapple with – a struggle between vulnerability and the societal pressure to remain strong and composed.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the loneliness that can accompany the path of manhood. "It's a lonely road, and they don't care 'bout what you know." The expectation to provide, to shoulder responsibilities, often comes at the cost of personal well-being and emotional expression. The portrayal of a man's silence as a response to the weight he carries resonates with the societal norms that dictate emotional restraint.

The verses delve into the dichotomy of a man's existence, emphasizing the necessity of fulfilling roles and responsibilities. "It's not 'bout how you feel but what you provide inside that home." The expectations placed on men to be providers and protectors are deeply ingrained, yet the emotional toll this can take remains largely unaddressed.

The song reflects on the harsh reality that men face – a life that can beat them down, a struggle that often goes unnoticed. "Yeah, I know this life can really beat you down... Got so much weight that you've been holdin', but won't show any emotion, as a man, that goes unspoken." The stigma surrounding vulnerability can contribute to feelings of isolation and despair.

As the lyrics progress, the artists touch upon the generational aspect of masculinity. "Our fathers' actions play a role, and we end up like him." The cycle of pain and unexpressed emotions is acknowledged, highlighting the importance of breaking free from this generational curse.

The closing lines bring the focus back to the universal experience of being a man, emphasizing the circle of life and the realization that one's worth may only be fully acknowledged in the face of mortality. "They don't know what you're worth 'til the day that you die."

"To Be A Man" is a powerful exploration of the emotional landscape of masculinity, offering listeners a chance to reflect on the societal expectations, silent struggles, and generational patterns that shape the experience of being a man. It serves as a poignant reminder that understanding and compassion are essential elements in breaking the cycle of emotional suppression and fostering a healthier, more empathetic vision of manhood.

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What My Daddy Told Me...
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