Alienated Fathers: The Anonymous Struggle

"Alienated Fathers Are Anonymous Fathers".
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Alienated Fathers: The Anonymous Struggle

Originally penned on Monday, June 20th, 2016.

Once upon a time, in the intricate web of life, I found myself inadvertently entangled in a narrative that echoed the sentiments of the infamous organization, "Anonymous." Before we delve into the heart of this tale, let me extend a preemptive apology. This is not an attempt to diminish or defame the renowned group known as "Anonymous" and its Anon members. Instead, consider this a personal reflection, where I, as the Founder of The Justice For Fathers Movement, draw parallels between the struggles of Alienated Fathers and the ethos of Anonymous.

Anonymous, a non-profit organization with the succinct declaration "We Are Anonymous. Expect Us," resonates with a broader mission of supporting the poor, powerless, and bringing justice to the world. Similarly, Justice For Fathers has a fundamental goal — to secure justice for fathers facing the heart-wrenching battle of parental alienation. While our focus remains steadfast, acknowledging the invaluable support from mothers and women affected by this plight has led us to append a gracious nod to them in our long description.

Speaking of support, my own journey is intertwined with the unwavering love and care of my parents. However, even they are not immune to the insidious effects of parental alienation. My ex-wife has callously severed the ties between my sons and their grandparents, a grievous injustice that demands rectification. My sons, who once reveled in a close relationship with their grandparents, now endure the agony of separation orchestrated by an ex-wife driven by malice.

It has been Two Thousand and Seventy (2070) days since I last spent meaningful time with my sons. This count excludes a fleeting encounter lasting a mere fifteen minutes about 1.5 years ago. Our story is one of heartbreak, with parental alienation acting as the malevolent puppeteer. I love my sons deeply, but the poison of alienation has clouded their perception, turning them away from a father who cherishes them.

My ex-wife's actions, driven by a vindictive spirit, have left me grappling with an unimaginable reality. A reality where a father's love is overshadowed by the bitterness of a divorce, where holidays and family outings have become distant memories rather than cherished traditions. My ex-wife's malevolent influence, coupled with the complicity of her current husband, has cast a shadow on the lives of my sons and their relationship with their paternal grandparents.

Reflecting on the past, I recall stepping into the role of a father figure for my ex-wife's son from a previous relationship. The narrative she spun about the boy's biological father being a rapist fueled my protective instincts. Little did I know that these tales were crafted from the fabric of deception. The presence of this absentee father lingered, as he persistently reached out to my ex-wife over the years, causing countless arguments between us.

The revelation that I had dedicated years to raising another man's son, while simultaneously building a family of our own, was a devastating blow. The lies, manipulation, and disrespect un-ravelled the fabric of our seventeen-year relationship, leading to an inevitable parting of ways in 2010.

In the aftermath of my divorce, I have had the opportunity for self-reflection. Regret for ill-advised attempts to salvage the marriage mingles with the trauma of a near-fatal encounter with a SWAT team at my own home. The burden of mistakes made in the throes of emotional turmoil hangs heavy, with each day offering a stark reminder of what could have been.

Despite the tumultuous journey, writing has emerged as a cathartic outlet, a means to confront the pain and share the foundational narrative of The Justice For Fathers Movement. The personal tale, laid bare for all to see, underscores the profound impact of parental alienation on the lives of fathers.

The question lingers — when will this nightmare end? The days lost with my sons are irretrievable, stolen by a system that often seems indifferent to the plight of alienated fathers. The missed moments of teaching my sons to shave or rushing to my eldest's aid when he broke his hand playing football are wounds that time cannot heal.

I have become a living embodiment of Anonymous' creed — "We Don't Forgive and We Don't Forget." How can I? The scars of parental alienation run deep, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of my fatherhood. The Justice For Fathers Movement stands not only as a collective cry for justice but as a testament to the resilience of fathers who refuse to be silenced, who refuse to be forgotten.

The saga continues, a narrative of pain, perseverance, and the unwavering pursuit of justice. Alienated fathers, like shadows in the dark, remain anonymous but resolute in their quest for a brighter tomorrow.

In the words of Justice For Fathers, we are not merely fathers; we are warriors fighting for the right to be fathers.

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Alienated Fathers: The Anonymous Struggle
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