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Giving Fathers a Fighting Chance

The basic fabric of what it means to be a family is being stripped away from ready, willing and able Fathers. They say that Justice is blind but when it comes to equality for Fathers. Our "System of Justice" take a biased peek and abolish parental rights from men. This worldwide salt on family values must end. Support our efforts if you agree that a child needs both parents. Show your support by spreading the word that NOW is right time for "JUSTICE FOR FATHERS".  

We are not out to bash mothers. Our purpose is to provide resources, motivational support and anything else needed to help fathers support their kids. Help can range from educating fathers about how Child Support work, Mentoring or even assisting them in finding employment so they can be productive fathers. This benefits both fathers and mothers as well as the child(ren).

Join us as we work to develop an active community that encourage Fathers to first feel good about themselves and take an active role in their child’s(ren) life…physically, emotionally and financially. 

We are the "Good Guys".

Mom, we need your support as well.

Justice For Fathers - Giving Fathers A Fighting Chance.

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Justice For Fathers' believe in equality. We also believe that children need both parents in their lives. We understand and agree that circumstances like child endangerment cases should be handled by the authorities and appropriate measures should be taken to protect the child/children. What we don't believe is that the "system" should provide unfair processes to remove Fathers from their children's lives without cause. Support our efforts to inflict CHANGE. Join us today to get our message out. We are fathers who love our children and just want to be a part of their lives. Justice For Fathers - Giving Fathers A Fighting Chance. Our online platform offers a wide range of services to help you manage your business efficiently. From project management to team collaboration, our tools are designed to make your work easier and more productive.

Put the customer first – understand their needs and provide solutions.

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Positive change is within reach. Let's make it happen.

Richard Johnson, Founder

Founder and CEO, Mr. Ritch is a divorced Father of two sons, Destoni and Shadoe who currently lives in Central Florida.  He is passionate about leading the development of our software, marketing, and customer experience strategies.

Lowell Telfer, Director

L.T., better known as Mr. BIGZ or Trent, is Mr. Ritch's cousin and closest friend.  Trent, a Father of three sons is dedicating to improving the lives of kids around the world through sports and various charitable events.  He has played a pivotal role in the growth of Justice For Fathers and  is among the best minds in the industry.