We Are Moving to Amazon

We Need Wiggle Room.

Fresh out of the kitchen and the new Justice For Fathers Community needs more wiggle room.  We all know Amazon and like them, we desire to be in the clouds with all the birds.  We developed a great solution to attach Parental Alienation but this fight won’t be easy as it’s a worldwide epidemic.

We are poised to make a difference and since our official launch date in just over one month away, June 19, 2016 – Fathers Day.   Now is the time to jump into the deep seas so that we can reach new borders.  Justice For Fathers is here to stay.  I was asked if we plan on changing our name because Mothers play an intricate part in who we are.  The answer is absolutely not.  We do not Hate -Intimidate-Discriminate or Eliminate. That simply means that we don’t H.I.D.E.  Our fight is real and we welcome Mothers to join our battle.  We are all about children and choose to be non-violent.  Each story has a platform that seeks change.  Your story may differ but collectively as a group, we believe that Fathers play an intricate part in a child’s development and nobody, no Court, Laws, or Friend should rip ties between a Fathers and a Child.

So, we have decided to change our hosting solution to Amazon AWS.  The move will be challenging but in the end, we will all feel comfortable with our choice and or members will be able to experience lighting speed services like never before.

Justice For Fathers – Giving Fathers A Fighting Chance (and Mothers Too.)

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