Jamaican Father Kills Estranged Wife In Port Charlotte Florida

Port Charlotte Florida McDonald’s – Child Custody Exchange Murder-Suicide

One Port Charlotte Florida McDonald’s was the place a Father chose to kill his estrange wife and himself this past Friday night. The senseless killing was at the site of a planned child custody exchange area inside the parking lot of McDonalds. Multiple shots were heard flying across a busy street just before sundown.

This senseless killing has left neighbors puzzled as the mother was a local area teacher. I am posting this to send a message to all the Fathers that are dealing with Parental Alienation, Custody, and Separation issues – taking a life is never an answer. Actions such as this is not a display of love. My phone number is displayed for you to call if you need someone to talk to.

I get calls from all over the world and don;’t mind speaking with another person. What you will get is someone that is not biased in any ways and will define a potential strategy that is successful for you and your child. I am just like you. I’m dealing with the same issues as you are. My experience since 2010 is what makes me qualified to listen to you without insults or belittling you in any manner. Just be prepared for my sarcastic viewpoint at times. Rest assure that we will end our conversation with a smile.

Justice For Fathers – Giving Fathers a Fighting Chance.

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