Hey Guys – Fathers Day Will Be Here Soon

Tomorrow, March 8, 2016, is Mother’s Day.

I make no apologies for what I’m about to say.  I know, the headline got you upset?  How dear this man try to steal our day away.  Truth be told, I did it because I want to get you upset with me.  My reason, Mothers get to celebrate every day.  I think I’m a bit jealous.  Do you think?

Father’s Day is a very special day to many Fathers.  Mother’s Day is special to everyone.  Everyone talks about Mothers Day.  We speed by Father’s Day like we are on the tracks in Daytona.  Ever since my divorce back in 2010 and the onset of reality with Parental Alienation, I personally tell everyone that “I don’t Feel Like A Father”.  I feel like I manage a charge card.  Every month I have to send payment in or else face bad credit, drivers license suspension and/or jail time.  I find it very hard to celebrate any holidays.

I love my Mother.  She has always shown me much appreciation and support.  This Mothers Day, my only wish is that she realize my love for her.  My Mother is better than yours.  And I mean it too.  Do you remember saying that as a child?  Well, I do and I feel the same way today.  Okay, Okay, Okay – your Mother is a “Great Mother” as well.

I want to turn your attention towards Parental Alienation – A Form of Child Abuse.  According to a Google search:

Parental Alienation (or Hostile Aggressive Parenting) is a group of behaviors that are damaging to children’s mental and emotional well-being, and can interfere with a relationship of a child and either parent. These behaviors most often accompany high conflict marriages, separation or divorce.

No Parent should have to deal with Parental Alienation and a child should never be subjected to the harsh reality of a Parent’s Hostile Aggressive behavior.  Let me also say this, I’ve come across women who feels that they can find a Father for their children after a divorce and/or separation.  I have friends who a wonderful Step-Parents so don’t believe for a second that I’m trying to speak ill about them.  I speak of a mindset that allows a person to believe that they can go shopping for a daddy.  Good Fathers do exist.  Some Alienated Fathers really love their children and simply desire a chance to help raise them.  We are more than an ATM machine.  Just like Mothers a Father can provide vital essentials towards a child’s life.

This Fathers Day, I will be chilling with my Father and Mother.  Tomorrow, Mother’s Day will be no different.  My sons will stage a presence on my mind from the time my eyes open and until they shut.  There is never a day that I don’t think about Destoni and Shadoe.  They are my heart and the reason why I live.  I really hope that one day, I can get one or two of those ugly ties that Fathers get from their children.  I know that I will appreciate those gifts for the rest of my life.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mothers in the world that knows the importance of having a Father in a child’s life.

Justice For Fathers – Giving Fathers A Fighting Chance.

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