Happy Mother’s Day.

We Love You, Mom.

Could a day go by when we don’t show our appreciation to the many Mothers of the World?  Heck No.  Mothers are important.  Mothers are everything.  One day is never enough to say “I Love You”.  Regardless of her actions towards Fathers, she will remain a Mother.

To those that address themselves as “Step-Mothers”, today is your day as well.  Lately, I have been contacted by many Step Mothers that Fight to eliminate Parental Alienation.  Wow, I thank you.  Mothers are Fighters and Parental Alienation doesn’t H.I.D.E. – It Does Hate, It Doesn’t Intimidate, It doesn’t Discriminate and It doesn’t Eliminate.  The syndrome addresses the actions of the individuals – both Mothers and Fathers.

That said, I want to keep this message very short.  I want to send my love out to all Mothers that know the importance of a Father.  I want to send my love out to my Mother, my strength, and inspiration and finally, this morning I will send a special thank you to the following person:

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman, My Ex-Wife, who has kept me away from my two sons, Destoni and Shadoe, with False Allegations – & getting away with this for the last 2046 days.  Remember when the cops came to the house and pointed their A.K. 47 at me and had all those red lights structured around my body (just had a flashback moment) all because I shut the laundry machine off.  Thank you for continuing to brainwash my son & getting away with it for the last six years.  Congratulations, you have been extremely successful in what you do best but on this Mothers day, I want to thank you for being a Mother.  In final, remember Mothers Day represent a day in history that I proposed to marry you and now represent the best and worst day of my life.  To my sons, I love you so much and will always do.

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