Alienated Fathers Are Anonymous Fathers

I am going to start this piece off with an apology.  It is not my intent to belittle or defame the group known as “Anonymous” and their Anon members.  In fact, I feel like I am naturally one of them by default.  Alienated Fathers are Anonymous Fathers.

Anonymous, is a Non-Profit Organization.  According to their Facebook Page, their short description is: “We Are Anonymous.  Expect us”  Their long description is : “Supporting the poor & powerless. Bringing justice to the world.”

In reality, I can relate to Anonymous.  As the Founder of The Justice For Fathers Movement, I will tell you that from the very start, our short description has been our name, “Justice For Fathers”.  We literally seek Justice For Fathers.  However, our long description is and will always be:  “Justice For Fathers – Giving Fathers A Fighting Chance”.  Lately, we have been experimenting with “(And Mothers Too)” at the very end of our long description.  In no way should anyone believe that we are changing focus from our original goal of securing Fathers Rights for all Alienated Fathers.  This simply gives thanks, to all the Mothers and Women that support us and are affected by Parental Alienation, like my Mother, Sisters, and Friends.

While we are on the subject of supporters, let me address the most obvious.  I am a son of Great Parents.  My Mother and Father are still together today.  They are remarkable Grandparents as well.  Parental Alienation is affecting my parents.  We need Justice For Grand Parents too.  My ex-wife has been keeping my sons away from my Parents without cause.  This hurts because my Sons and my Parents had a wonderful relationship prior to my divorce. Holidays and weekly shopping and dining at the local bistro were a regular thing for us. I always said, if I was ever a terrible husband, one thing that I was – was a Great Father.  Many friends, family members, and neighbors can attest to that.  My ex-wife is just plain evil!

Today mark Two Thousand and Seventy (2070) days since I last spent time my sons.  I am not talking about the one time I saw them outside when the house was being painted and immediately stopped to talk to them about 1.5 years ago for about fifteen (15) minutes.  Since 2010, I have only seen them outside 5 times.  Our story is really terrible.  I love my sons.  I simply dislike, (not the first word that came to mind, but I am trying to be good), my ex-wife for her actions.  How could someone punish their children by keeping them from their Father?  I have some choice words for her current husband as well, but I will bottle it for now.  To put it nicely, he better not get involved with our situation unless he wants to help fix this issue.  We, my ex and I, purchased that house he currently lives in with my Sons.  I never made a claim for the house or any property left in the home at divorce because I wanted my Sons to always live in a great place and attend a great school.  I will forgive him for stepping out of place a few months ago but will never tolerate his slip of the tongue again.  Respect the seasoning of good faith as I will never stand for less!

When I met my ex-wife, she had a son.  At the time, he was almost four years old and they lived in Mt Vernon, New York.   At some point, she told me that she would often leave him at home by himself to go to work.  This bothered me so bad.   We eventually became a couple and I became her Son’s, “Father Figure”.  The story told to me about her Son’s Father was that she was raped by her tutor.  He lived in Jamaica so I never had the opportunity to address him face-to-face.  Years passed and this same dude would call our home to speak with my ex.  This made me very upset.  I could never understand why she gave him our home number.  Calling our house was not only bold but “FCUKED-UP”.  We, my ex-wife, and I would argue about these situations.  At one point, she changed her number but then the calls started coming in again and she said that her Mother gave the number to this “Jerk”.  I was livid.

Here it was, for countless years, I was raising another man’s Son, like my own with two of our own.  This slapped me silly because this “Beotch” was not only disrespecting herself but our marriage.  In the end, I came to my conclusion that her stories were all lies.  Our relationship ended in its seventeenth (17th) year.

Since my divorce in 2010, I’ve had time to reflect. I will never forget the time the swat-team almost shot me to pieces in my own house.  I will never forget the stupid mistakes I made by trying to keep my marriage.  Every day I say to myself that I should have minded my own business and not taken my Cousin over to that house to meet her sister.  My Cousin left back to England and I was left to deal with this sheet.

Life has no guarantees but I was given a whole lot to deal with.  Writing has helped me shed some pain.  I am not afraid that some may want to throw stones at me for sharing this personal tale which is the foundation for The Justice For Fathers Movement.  Nothing in my past deserves the punishment that I have lived with dealing with Parental Alienation.

When will it end?  The time lost with my sons can never be replaced.  I never got the chance to show my Sons how to shave.  I never got the chance to run to my eldest Son’s rescue when he broke his hand playing Football.  I found out about his arm after receiving an invoice from the Orthopedic Doctor by mistake.  The invoice had a zero balance and I got the mail because my son and I share the same name.  Thank God for that follow-up note or else I would have never known about my Son’s injuries.

I was always an active member of my stepson’s schooling.  In NYC, I ran for and was elected the Parent Teacher’s Association President of Richard R. Green Middle School.  I still keep in touch with teachers I met back then and I was also instrumental in the highering of college students to become teachers of NYC Board of Education.  All of this opportunities with my own Sons was stolen from me.  This woman, SMFH, is just evil.

Anonymous has a saying, “We Don’t Forgive and We Don’t Forget”.  Well, I Don’t “Fcuk-in” Forgive and I Don’t “Fcuk-in” Forget.  How can I, and why would I?

Justice For Fathers – Giving Fathers A Fighting Chance.

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