36,000 Workers Verizon Worker Back To Work Next Week

Within this past hour, it was announced that Verizon finally reached an agreement with their employees on strike.  This has been one of the largest strikes in the U.S. since 2011 according to CNN.  36,000 Communication Workers of America Union workers made this possible by going out on standing together in unity.  For thirteen Days we saw the workers marching for their rights.  Bernie and Hillary, the two remaining Democratic Presidential Candidates of 2016, addressed the Union workers during a campaign stop.

Can you imagine the troubles some of these workers currently face because they didn’t work and couldn’t pay their child support?  Going on strike affects many people in different ways.  Let’s hope that once they do go back to work, their four-year agreement as proposed will help them rather than hurt them.

Just imagine if we had 36,000 individuals marching towards securing Fathers Rights?  We can still make an impact by sharing the #justiceforfathers hashtag on any and all things related to Fathers Rights and Parental Alienation.  Going viral is the intent.  We need to cement into the minds of our lawmakers that we need Justice For Fathers.

Congrats to all members of Communications Workers of America.


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